WATCH: Jacques Torres Makes Gingerbread Houses Out Of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Jacques Torres stopped by The Fourth Hour of The Today Show this morning to demonstrate how Mr. Chocolate makes gingerbread houses. And guess what? His method involves zero gingerbread. Because gingerbread is for little girls. Jacques Torres’ houses are constructed from chocolate chip cookie dough. Except there are no chocolate chips, either, because why use chocolate chips when you can use pistoles?

Yes, Jacques’ recipe uses big fat buttons of chocolate, presumably to stabilize the walls of his cookie house. He also spreads melted chocolate to harden on the insides of the walls to keep the soft cookie from crumbling. Isn’t dough architecture fascinating? We know.

Check out the clip below for Torres’ pumped up cookie houses, and Hoda’s prompt destruction of one by over-frosting.

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