James Beard Awards Relocates to Chicago in 2015

The James Beard Foundation announced today that they would hold its 25th annual Chef and Restaurant Awards in Not New York, a.k.a. Chicago.

In a blowout press conference held today, complete with chefs and a whole lotta champagne, Mayor Rahm Emanuel cheered the move. “There is no greater honor for a restaurant than recognition with a Beard Foundation award,” he said in a statement, “and there is no greater honor for Chicago’s culinary community than the decision to host the awards here.”

And yes, Chicago is a Big Deal in the American food scene, so yay Chicago for taking the awards! They’ll be held at the Civic Opera House next May, though the Journalism, Broadcast and Book awards will continue to be held in New York. (Media doesn’t exist outside of New York, please.)

[h/t The Chicago Tribune]


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