Porn Star James Deen Hosts the Internet’s Most Charming Dump-and-Stir Cooking Show

Admittedly, Epic Meal Time and its bro-tastic mash-ups of grotesque amounts of food make me really uncomfortable. I make our resident bro take on all EMT stories for this reason, in fact. But I’m actually a really big fan of porn/The Canyons star James Deen’s food aspirations, and campaigned last year for him to play Elvis in the biopic of Gael Greene’s life! His cooking web series James Deen Loves Food features all sorts of great things:

Bronuts! Raps! Sensitive boy-next-door types! Beardy sidekicks wearing hairnets over their impressive displays of facial hair! Check out the “Bronuts” episode of James Deen Loves Food (an impressive 24 minutes long) over at Wood Rocket, which is not inherently NSFW, but features some questionable ad banners.

[Wood Rocket h/t Twitter]

Porn/The Canyons Star James Deen Fulfils Your Foodie Fantasies
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