comScore Jamie Bissonnette Breaks Down Hog (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jamie Bissonnette Breaks Down a Hog at Toro, Narrated by Michael Symon

And he does it in less than five minutes. Jamie Bissonnette and his much-hyped New York restaurant Toro impressively hosted an installment of the Knob Creek Big Flavor Dinner Series just three days after Toro opened, and we were lucky enough to observe this masterful breakdown of a whole side of hog, followed by a quick tutorial on How To Drink Bourbon Like A Classy Person. Turns out “alone at home while watching Titanic and eating a pound of bacon after a painful break up” is not the proper method. Who knew.

Check out the ass-kickingly rad demo below, narrated by Michael Symon, because Knob Creek actively endeavors to blow your mind on all levels.

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