WATCH: ‘Proud Mama’s Boy’ Jamie Deen Emerges From Hovel, Attempts To Reclaim Deen Family Image

On a butter scale ranging from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray to a tub of Fromagerie Jean-Yves Bordier Beurre de Baratte, we’d rank Jamie Deen’s attempts to peacefully reenter society a solid Kerrygold Pure Irish brick.

He made an appearance on The Chew today for a breezy demo, the first cooking show appearance by any member of the Deen family since the Paula Deen Racism Scandal broke earlier this summer.

No mention of Paula’s recent troubles was made, of course. In fact, the only nods she got were a subtle reference to Jamie being a “proud Mama’s boy,” and her being present in a baby picture shown.

All things considered, we’d call it a tense, but successful appearance. Bonus points for the friendly subconscious messaging in having him share the demo with Carla Hall, we suppose. (Blessedly, she called him out on standing around jabbering while she was doing all the plating work, and made him help.) Check out parts one and two of the appearance below.

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