WATCH: One Dude Eats The Entire Denny’s Hobbit Menu In 20 Minutes

Stop it. No, stop, really. Say it isn’t so. It is? This is real? This time-elapsed video of Jamie “The Bear” McDonald eating every, single menu item off Denny’s new The Hobbit-themed menu is real? Wow. Okay, then.

So, normally, when restaurant critics sample the offerings of an establishment, they go with a few people, and order a lot of different things, and taste all of them. Or, they go several times to get a good sampling of dishes. Jamie “The Bear” McDonald threw caution — and by “caution,” we mean “gastro-intestinal wellness” — to the wind and just plowed through the whole Hobbit menu in 20 minutes. Twenty. 2-0. Ten times two minutes.

Check out the time-lapsed video below, if you dare.

[Huffington Post]

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