WATCH: Jamie Oliver Sticks A Chili Pepper Down His Pants

Well this is fun! In an effort to promote Jamie Oliver’s soon-to-launch YouTube channel called FoodTube, he’s released an interactive trailer video, in which you can click around objects in his kitchen and then see what Jamie does with them. (Clicking on the objects simply skips you forward or backward through the video you’re already watching. It won’t open new windows or be at all annoying, we promise.)

We found clicking on the chili peppers, his face, and his crotch to be the most amusing of the choose-your-own-adventures. He knows how to get down with spicy veg. Also, is anyone else surprised by Jamie O’s naughty side? We know he’s The Naked Chef and all, but yikes. Clicking on his face will get you a slap reaction, and his crotch is the predictable, yet always entertaining below-the-belt hit.

Jamie promises the channel will hold “loads of [his] uncut stuff,” which we don’t find to be especially appropriate for YouTube, but we may change our minds after seeing this.

You can watch the whole thing here!

[h/t Twitter]

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