Jamie Oliver Slams David Beckham For Endorsing Junk Food During Olympics

Athletes, as a wise nerd once said, are beautiful giants who gracefully stride above the petty squabbles of humanity. And most people think that as well, except for Jamie Oliver. Since the London Olympics are coming up, and he’s furious that celebrity athletes are simultaneously endorsing junk foods, he and a group of meddling nerd-scientists and teachers and doctors have published a scathing open letter expressing their “grave concern about this trend” in today’s London Times to the greatest of all British athletes: David Beckham.

“We believe it is wrong for athletes to encourage the excessive consumption of such items, which are fuelling poor health and obesity,” the letter says, according to the Independent. “David Beckham is a great sportsman, yet he has endorsed Pepsi. What about the impact of Gary Lineker’s association with Walkers crisps? Or the partnership between Mars and the FA?”

You know, they have a point there. So why do the athletes endorse products that they themselves would rarely eat? (Pssst! We think it’s because of the money!)

Nevertheless, the angry scribes want the athletes to understand how they’re perceived as role models. “We shouldn’t underestimate the fascination that many children and young people have with celebrities, whether that’s teenage girls skipping meals to look like the latest airbrushed magazine model or boys wanting the same brand boot as their footballing idol,” added Dr. Hilary Cass, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

[The Independent]

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