WATCH: Jamie Oliver Face-Plants Into His Dessert During Today Show Demo

If Jamie Oliver ever needs a new job, we’re pretty sure that the Today Show will hire him in a second. As their favorite English chef, he was at Olympic Park again this morning to make some dessert and show off his caffeine-high by telling the story of the Eton Mess. And then, things got interesting.

Jamie naturally speaks at a pace that makes most people’s heads swim. However, this morning he decided that his cooking segment wasn’t going to be simply a demonstration, but rather a performance. A performance which required that Jamie speak for the entire four minutes (seriously, we’ve never seen the Today anchors so quiet), and finish his very pretty dessert of meringue, whipped cream, berries and chocolate by slamming his face and chest into it. Seriously, Jamie Oliver face-planted into his dessert to end a cooking segment. Apparently, it was needed to properly tell the the story of how the Eton Mess came to be, but we think it was all an elaborate ruse to flirt with Natalie Morales — he did encourage her to lick the whipped cream off of his face, after all.

We have no idea what’s gotten into Jamie lately, but as long as he provides us with segments as entertaining as this, we’re not going to complain.

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