Jamie Oliver Samples Food That Kids Cooked For Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Luv’lee’ Jubilee

In a desperate bid to make her mother-in-law like her, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, proposed a contest for all of England’s fair youth: create a menu fit for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, and she’ll actually eat it! And since the Queen never eats in public (she apparently does not like doing that), who better than to tell the school-age children that their menu was delicious, other than Jamie Oliver?

Seemingly pulling names and ingredients out of a Roald Dahl book, the menu from four of England’s four Top Adorable Chefs included “Harry’s Hungry Hunt” (Wood pigeon skewers served with spiced beetroot and pomegranate molasses chutney), “Golden Carriages” (filo pastry carriages, filled with diced apricots, pistachios and honey), and  “Luv’lee Jub’lee Bub’lee” (elderflower, strawberry and champagne soup).

In the hands of children, this would probably be a huge disaster culminating in tears. But with the help of Buckingham Palace’s kitchen staff, the four children turned out 1,700 canapes for a room full of famous English chefs, including Oliver, Rick Stein, and Prue Leith.

According to the Daily Mail, Oliver applauded the children for their “incredible effort,” but whatever else he may have said was drowned out by their shock that Camilla licked pudding off her fingers during her tour of the kitchens earlier.

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