Jamie Oliver Has Never Read A Whole Book In His Life

Occasionally, silly and random questionnaires can be incredibly revealing. In the case of Jamie Oliver’s short one for The Independent entitled “My Secret Life,” we learned things like that he grew up above a pub and regretted once not wearing underwear while dressed as a woman for a gender-swapping costume party. But by far his most shocking confession was that he’d never once completed a book in his life (although, the closest he ever came was with Kitchen Confidential). Said Jamie:

“I’ve never read a book in my life, which I know sounds incredibly ignorant but I’m dyslexic and I get bored easily. The one book I nearly finished was Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. But then the author came to Britain and didn’t stop slagging me off for five years. So on principle I threw it on the fire. He’s since apologised and we’ve made up. I should probably read the rest now.”

Jamie also revealed that he hates his hair (“it’s mental”) and that he’s really good at basket weaving (“I’ll do it for hours if I find a quiet corner”), prompting us to wonder if Jamie Oliver is actually just Ron Weasley.

[The Independent]

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