Jamie Oliver Is Coming To Your Saturday Morning Cartoons

You know the warm fuzzy feeling that overwhelms your body when you hear mention of ABC-Disney’s One Saturday Morning, or NBC’s Discovery Kids? CBS is attempting to recreate that nostalgia for a new generation of 13-16 year olds with a fresh three-hour block of “pro-social” Saturday morning programming. Except, instead of targeting them with hard-hitting ‘toons about the social constructs of recess, CBS is using shows about cooking and veterinarians.

Yeah, one of the three hours is dedicated to pet-time, but another one of them is split between Jamie Oliver and a new kid-friendly food competish called Recipe Rescue, which “will find chefs facing off in a head-to-head competition to transform families’ high-calorie, family-style recipes into low-calorie, healthy fare.” Somehow, Rocco DiSpirito is not the host of this show.

The other half-hour culinary slot is Jamie’s for Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals, “on which he’ll teach viewers how to cook meals that are ‘fast, fun and most of all flavorful.'”

Does this sound like something your 13-to-16 year old would watch? Personally, we preferred more Ashleys on our Saturday mornings, but it’s a new millennium. What do we know?

[The Wrap]

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