WATCH: Jamie Oliver Can Barely Contain His Olympic Excitement

The Today Show has transplanted some of its segments across the pond, where NBC has set up shop for the 2012 Olympics (OMG guys, it’s so soon!), so Savannah Guthrie got to cook with Jamie Oliver on his home turf at the Tower of London, and he couldn’t be happier. He brought along two chefs from his apprentice program/resto Fifteen, which plucks troubled youth out of the gutters and puts them into a hardcore cooking program. Kind of like Hell’s Kitchen, except without the cameras and with rough kids, so, infinitely more altruistic-seeming.

Jamie’s two assistants helped him make fresh ravioli, and, along with whipping them into the shape in the kitchen, he offered a few pointers on how to cook in front of the camera as well. Gently pushing his pasta-maker along to make sure he finished the segment on time while teaching him how to cheat to camera, Jamie never missed a beat in repping his motherland by stuffing his pasta with British cheeses and calling Savannah “lovely darling” more than once. He was unusually cheerful and charming, in fact. What? Jamie’s just really excited about hosting the Olympics. Or he just got some. Whichever.

Check out the heartwarming clip below.

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