Jamie Oliver Requires Servers To Use Swingin’ Lingo Like ‘Pimp’ To Describe Dishes


Jamie Oliver is nothing if not a proponent of slang culture. Describing food can sound pretentious and bombastic if you are without heart and passion. Or, it can sound douchetastic if you’re Guy Fieri. Or it can simply sound dull, vague, and generally unappetizing. (Uh, the word “delicious” means nothing when you’re talking about your food. Of course it’s delicious. Buy a thesaurus and give us a real description, please.)

And buy a thesaurus Jamie Oliver did. Apparently, one compiled by Urban Dictionary. According to a photo posted on Twitter (ie., THE COLD, HARD TRUTH), The Naked Chef has a helpful list of descriptors passed out to the waitstaff of his restos to help them push the specials. On that list are pseudo-acceptable dining terms like “fresh,” “juicy,” and “harmonious,” but it also delves into words like “scrummy” (a portmanteau of “scrumptious” and “yummy” that sounds like a reject from the Rachael Ray trademarks list), “proper rustic,” “legendary,” “rocking,” and, finally, “pimp.”

Yes, pimp. What exactly does pimp mean when referring to your specials, Jamie Oliver? Does it mean it tastes like pimp? Because that sounds terrible. Does it mean the dish itself is extravagant, exploitative, and predatory? Will your antipasta platter sell our bodies to the highest bidder?


We’re exhausted. We need the New York Times’ secret decoder ring. Can we borrow, you guys? You can check out the full list of lingo here, although, as The Guardian points out, it is just a Twitter photo, and its realness remains unconfirmed. Jamie Oliver’s pimp realness, however: totally legit.


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