Jamie Oliver Turned Down Role in The Hobbit

While some chefs evidently don’t know how to turn a movie role down (AHEM, GUY FIERI), Jamie Oliver turned down a role in one of the bestselling franchises of our time, The Hobbit. Quick, everyone picture Oliver as a hobbit, GO.

According to the Daily Mail, an executive producer for Peter Jackson called Oliver to ask if he’d be willing to cook for Jackson’s 50th birthday in exchange for a role in The Hobbit. He couldn’t get out of his work commitments — not that he didn’t think about it. From the Daily Mail:

Oliver spoke about the missed opportunity while filming the new series of Jamie And Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, which he presents with farmer and broadcaster Jimmy Doherty. …

“And if I did [cook the dinner], they would fly me over and I could be a hobbit in the film. But I was working, I couldn’t get out of it. I really wanted to do it, I would have got right into it as well, I would have taken the costume home and said [to his wife] ‘Jools, let’s make love!’.”

Fantastic, that’s obviously the best way to change up the sexxxy times with your wife — adding a hobbit costume to it.

[The Daily Mail]

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