Jamie Oliver’s Wife Would Like You To Know That He Isn’t Fat

In case you’ve been thinking that Jamie Oliver has been looking a bit pudgier lately, fear not. His wife, Jools, told the British newspaper The Sun that Jamie hasn’t gained any weight. In fact, she says the Naked Chef has “got a great body”.

Jamie made news recently when he snapped at a reporter who called him fat, retorting “Thanks for noticing, you bitch.” The comment came after Jamie appeared to have a double chin in pictures from various press events in Australia. The papers immediately ran with the story — after all, what’s juicier than the Food Revolutionary himself packing on the pounds? But Mrs. Oliver says it’s all the result of an unflattering angle, and that he was right to snap back.

“The woman was rude, then he was rude back and frankly, good — although I wouldn’t recommend he use that word.”

As far as Jamie’s weight goes, Jools says there’s nothing to worry about, as he eats “amazingly” and works with a trainer a few times a week. So everyone can just relax and stop hating on Jamie Oliver now, okay?

[The Sun]

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