WATCH: Janette And Jacques Reunite To Open A New Restaurant on Treme

We had an inkling this might be the direction last night’s Treme was headed in, particularly after seeing the briefest glimpse of Janette and Jacques celebrating in the sneak peek. And last night, our suspicions were confirmed: Janette Desautel has accepted an investor’s offer to return to New Orleans and open a new restaurant with him. As if in protest of the plot twist, David Chang is noticeably absent from the episode.

The new space is “scary big,” as Janette describes, and a far cry from the tiny restaurant she ran in NOLA all by herself before the storm. But the streetcars are calling her home. Check out the clip below.

Next order of business: steal her sous chef and maybe-boyfriend back from Susan Spicer. As if in protest, Susan Spicer is noticeably absent from the episode. Totally worth giving up for the bonus of having this little scene between Janette and Jacques play out.

So what did Janette’s housemates/fellow line cooks offer by way of a final meal once she packed up her Brooklyn apartment? Street meat, natch. In the form of: dirty water dogs. If only they had been high.

Will Janette’s new restaurant flourish, or is it just too big for one smalltime chef with big talent to handle? Stay tuned to find out.

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