WATCH: Janette Poaches One Of Emeril Lagasse’s Lady Chefs On Treme

On last night’s Treme, Chef Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens) was busy hiring new cooks to staff her shiny new (and frighteningly large) New Orleans restaurant. From the clip below, it looks like her lineup includes a newbie willing to do anything she wants, a badass ladychef out of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant NOLA (who technically hasn’t quit her job, but will for the likes of Janette), and her trusty old screw-up Johnny Almost. Check out the hiring process (inter-cut with LaDonna’s search for a new home) below.

Next: menu-planning time. But can the “Victoria’s Secret” model-grade waitstaff handle the rundown of complex dishes to pitch to patrons?

Finally, Jacques does his best to get Janette in the mood with a little music, but she’s laser-focused on the menu-writing task at hand. That includes when she invites him into the walk-in. Poor Jacques.

Stay tuned next week to see how the quickly approaching opening of Janette’s restaurant shapes up.

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