This 20-Year-Old Vegan Chef Is Staging A Fine-Dining Pop-Up, What Have You Ever Done?

Today, in baby chefs who make us feel bad about how little we’ve accomplished in our lives (previous honorees include Flynn McGarry, the 14-year-old who got Daniel Boulud to be his bitch sous chef on national TV, and Julie Elkind, who at 25 was the Executive Pastry Chef of the entire BLT Restaurant Group): we meet Jay Astafa, whose upcoming shmancy vegan pop-up in New York is only the tip of the iceberg.

His two-day fine-dining pop-up at the Old Bowery Station is impressive enough, at an eight-course, all-vegan tasting menu, which includes a plate of house-made cheeses. (Have we mentioned he’s 20?)

But the event is only serving as a preview for his fully operational brick-and-mortar restaurant Jay Kitchen opening later this year in New York. To recap: this kid will be the executive chef of his own restaurant before he can legally drink (we think). What have you accomplished today? That’s what we thought.

Tickets to next week’s pop-up are still available here, if you’d like to drown your inadequacies in cashew brie. (Bonus Accomplishment Guilt: his lady pastry chef is 23-years-old.)

Check out the pop-up trailer below. Vegan porn abounds.

Jay Kitchen: A Two-Day Vegan Fine Dining Pop-Up from Sparrow Media on Vimeo.

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