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WATCH: Jay Rayner Takes Down Locavorism In Snarky New Book Trailer

British food critic Jay Rayner just released a trailer for his new book A Greedy Man in a Hungry World, which contains a sneak peek of his mind-blowing anti-locavorism argument. Turns out sustainability based on geography is poppycock! Rubbish, we say. On the concept of “food miles”, which advocates buying locally to diminish one’s carbon footprint caused by food transport, Jay explains:

“The thing with it is it’s too simple. It only looks at the amount of carbon involved in getting the food from field to fork. It doesn’t take into consideration the amount of carbon involved in fertilizers, in putting up buildings, in running tractors, in the lifestyles of the farm workers…If you do a full sustainability study on your food, you will find that the proportion of its carbon footprint caused by its transport falls to between two and four percent.”

Basically, something like New Zealand lamb is actually a more sustainable option than buying lamb in the UK (if you’re a UK local) simply because New Zealand is really good at producing lamb. Their superior efficiency negates the benefits of a shorter journey.

We won’t steal all Jay’s thunder; you can hear his full argument below. It’s pretty thought-provoking stuff for you to throw in the face of your pretentious locavore friends, no?

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