UPDATE: Jay Rayner Blasts Scottish School Council For Martha Payne’s Food Blog Ban, Council Overturns Decision

Hot on the heels of news that 9-year old food blogger Martha Payne‘s school district in Scotland had banned her from blogging about cafeteria lunches due to the bad press it drew the lunch program (which, by the way, was the point), the leader of the Argyll and Bute Council Roddy McCuish called for an overturn on the ban.

“There is no place for censorship in this Council and never will be whilst I am leader,” he wrote in a statement to the Council. A short while later, this interview with him was released, announcing that Martha is once again permitted to blog on:

And, finally, here’s a lengthy Twitter rant from The Observer‘s food critic Jay Rayner, revealing why the council banned the blog in the first place, since they refused to explain themselves when contacted for comment, and only told Martha that it was because her blog was inciting negative newspaper headlines.

[Argyll and Bute, The World at One, Twitter]

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