This Observer Cover With Jay Rayner And Psy Is So Full Of Mysteries

The issue doesn’t hit newsstands till Sunday, but apparently when The Observer’s food critic Jay Rayner sits down with the K-Pop star on the fast track to becoming the first YouTube video to hit one billion views, it’s cover-worthy.

“Shall we dance?” the cover photo asks of Jay and Psy as they size one another up. What could this mean? Will Psy take Jay on a Korean food crawl of London? Will the imposing 6+ foot tall food critic master his formidable and lanky limbs and organize them into a coordinated execution of the horsey dance? Will there be more in-depth analysis of the cultural and socio-economic implications behind Gangnam Style, because we sure didn’t get enough of those all summer? WE HAVE NO IDEA.

Check out the cover below, presented in its entirety — okay, fine, it’s presented so you can see Psy’s awesome houndstooth pants — for your interpretation.

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