How Expensive Can A Single, Raw Chicken Possibly Be? See Jay Rayner’s Crowdsourced Stats

While writing his newest book A Greedy Man In A Hungry World, Jay Rayner, ruminating on the rising cost of food (and the insanely high prices of certain organic, free-range breeds), decided to ask his followers a question: what was the most they’d ever paid for a single, raw chicken? (That $78 chicken at NoMad doesn’t count.)

After the publication of his book, Rayner revisited the question and, holy crap, chickens are expensive in the UK. We’re assuming that part of this price increase is the result of stricter regulatory standards for free-range chicken in England, as well as a bunch of other external factors (grain imports, trade regulations in the European Union, chickens being afraid of the Swedish Chef) — but we have never, ever seen a $50 chicken in the United States. (Then again, we’re a bit afraid of chicken farms in the United States).

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