WATCH: CBS This Morning Anchors Appear To Have No Idea Who Jean-Georges Vongerichten Is

We’ll admit, judging a morning news anchor on butchering the pronunciation of “Vongerichten” alone is harsh. (Although Gayle King’s sassy and surefooted introduction of some guy named “Von-RICK-ti-tin,” before taking another pass at announcing Jean-Georges and insisting she had been to his restaurant many times was priceless.) It’s a tough name!

CBS This Morning invited JGV onto the show to discuss his empire and how he maintains success opening restaurant after restaurant of different genres in such a tricky industry.

Mid-way through his spiel about becoming a chef because he wasn’t good at school, Gayle interrupted to ask about his education. Jean-Georges responded (with a barely concealed “Duh”) that he had been kicked out of school. But hey, not every interviewer reads a complete life history of the famous chef they’re about to interview. No biggie.

Later, however, when Jean-Georges is discussing how much traveling influenced his cooking, he brings up his time spent in Thailand, at which point Charlie Rose interrupts to ask, “What happened in Thailand?” He’s the father of Asian-French fusion, guys. That’s what happened in Thailand.

But to close out the interview with a thoroughly mocking chortle about how Vongerichten is opening an Italian restaurant in Shanghai without allowing him to explain that his intention was to bring pasta back to the Chinese, who invented it, and we actually don’t feel bad for making fun of either anchor, after all.

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