JGV: Starting Out In A Three Michelin Starred Restaurant ‘Was Like Entering The Mafia’

Jean-Georges Vongerichten snagged his very first deer-skinning, chicken-plucking, kitchen job working in a three Michelin-starred restaurant. It was with zero experience and extreme parental disapproval that Chef Paul Haeberlin took JGV under his wing at Auberge when he was just 16 years old. His parents were, of course, pushing him into becoming an engineer, like all good little Alsatian boys are supposed to be. But, for his sixteenth birthday, they took him to Auberge for dinner. When Haeberlin came out to say hello, Vongerichten’s father jokingly asked if he’d like to employ his “good for nothing” son as a potato peeler. Haeberlin accepted and, thus, JGV never had to job hunt again.

“Entering a three-starred Michelin restaurant was like entering the Mafia,” Vongerichten told The Daily Meal. “I never had to write a letter for a job after that.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how to jump straight to The Major Leagues. (Wait, did we do that sports reference right?)

[The Daily Meal]

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