WATCH: Jean-Georges Vongerichten Wants To Know What Grant Achatz Is Smoking

It’s a question all of food aficionados have asked at one point or another, but only Jean-Georges Vongerichten had the candor to ask it: what kind of crazy drug is Grant Achatz on that gives him such cracked-out inspiration?

In an interview with Plate Magazine, Vongerichten, stunned after eating at the Alinea/Eleven Madison Park collaboration, asked Achatz point-blank what he’d been smoking. “What the fuck is wrong with this guy?!” he said, bewildered after courses full of autumn leaves and rubber mats and canvases. “I mean, he cooks for three days, and I don’t know where he gets his inspiration from.”

Achatz’s answer, after a long laugh: “I’m smokin’ dreams, man.” (No word on whether “dreams” is a fancy new street name for a designer drug.)

[Plate Magazine via The Village Voice, Eater.]

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