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Tonight In Food TV: Jen Carroll’s Mom Mistakes Pop-Up Restaurants For Raves

On tonight’s episode of Jen’s Tragic Life After Top Chef, Jen Carroll tries (feebly and over several goblets of wine) to explain to her family why the best way to promote her restaurant concept Concrete Blonde without investors or a space would be to hold a series of pop-up events.

Unfortunately, most of her fellow Carrolls are thoroughly confused by the idea of a pop-up. Won’t people who go there think that it’s the official restaurant location, and then show up after the pop-up is over to eat there and be confused?!

Jen’s mom has some great suggestions, though. Fill it with loud music and glow sticks! Jen tries, to no avail, to explain to her mother that a pop-up is not a rave.

“Do you think any drugs go on there, Mom?” Jen asks of raves.

“No!” her mother responds, scandalized. “Maybe Claritin because it’s allergy season…”

Andddd now all we want to do is to eat at a rave pop-up with scrawny teenage boys pushing Claritin under the table. Thanks, Jen’s mom.

Check out a sneak peek below.

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