WATCH: Trailer For Butter, Starring Jennifer Garner As A Butter-Carving Sarah Palin-Wannabe

Also, Olivia Wilde plays a stripper. Now that we’ve got your attention…

The trailer has arrived for Butter, a quirky, (seemingly?) heartfelt comedy dramatizing the great American tradition of butter-carving. Jennifer Garner stars as a frighteningly Type A Midwestern woman whose cheating husband (played by Ty Burrell) has won the state butter-carving contest year after year. She has dreams of parlaying her butter-campaigning into politics, but when she learns of her husband’s affair with a local stripper, she’s determined to take him down all by herself.

Olivia Wilde’s stipper character enlists the help of a precocious adopted orphan girl slash butter-carving prodigy, who, as far as we can tell, is the only black person in the state, to beat her boyfriend’s wife. Obviously, there’s “outsider” synergy at play.

It looks like 30 Rock’s Kristen Schaal (better known as Hazel Wassername) has a supporting role, too.

Butter hits theaters on October 5th, and we’re oddly captivated. Check out the trailer below.

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