WATCH: Jerry Springer Serenades Rachael Ray With An Elvis Presley Song

So, things we never thought we’d see/hear include:

  • Jerry Springer getting picked by a food celebrity to judge a cooking competition.
  • Rachael Ray playing a highlight reel of The Jerry Springer Show clips on The Rachael Ray Show.
  • Rachael’s audience of plump housewives chanting “Jerry” while fist-pumping.
  • Jerry Springer purchasing a prize pig named Bella at auction for $1000, supplementing her $1200/year food bills, and writing her into his will because she’s going to outlive him.
  • Jerry Springer serenading Rachael Ray with “He’ll Have To Go” by Elvis Presley.

And yet, ALL of those things happened on today’s episode of The Rachael Ray Show. Check out the clip below.

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