Jimmy John’s Tweets Asking a Customer if he’s ‘Eaten Ass,’ Twitter Erupts


Lots of corporations do ridiculous things on Twitter. Let’s all take a moment to remember that time Chipotle tried to appeal to millennials by Tweeting a poll asking whether they prefer weed or sex.

We’re pretty sure this one from Jimmy John’s takes the cake, though. A customer was unhappy with his Jimmy John’s experience, and he Tweeted that he’s “eaten ass that tastes better than their subs.”

Jimmy John’s quickly tweeted at @WeNotSocks questioning whether or not he has actually eaten ass. You know, for quality assurance purposes.

The sandwich chain favored by college students then doubled down on its Tweet, citing its lack of chill.

The Twitterverse really, really enjoyed the exchange.

@WeNotSocks was an excellent sport. Jimmy John’s ended up deleting the Tweet, though.

[image via Instagram/@JimmyJohns]

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