Jiro Ono’s Son Forgives Woman Who Wanted Cooked Sushi, So Calm Down Guys

We’re kind of assuming that President Obama is in Takashi Ono’s good graces, too. We hope, anyways.

After some viral kerfluffles at the world-famous sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, Ono is on a forgiveness tour for the Chinese diners who asked for cooked sushi — kinda. Ono told the Wall Street Journal that he accepted one woman’s apology for asking for cooked sushi, but you know, after he told a Chinese news outlet after the incident “We have pride. We don’t work like that.” So uh, tit for tat? Said Ono to the Wall Street Journal, “Everyone makes mistakes. She didn’t need to come back here and apologize, but she did, probably out of her conscience, or because of the flood of criticism she received.” Uh, k.

Ono says the woman’s request was understandable because many are unfamiliar with sushi, and that raw food is rarely consumed in the Chinese diet. No word on whether Obama not finishing his meal was understandable, though.

[Wall Street Journal]

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