WATCH: Joe Bastianich Gigs With His Band The Ramps On The Artie Lang Show

Happy Memorial Day Weekend: here’s Joe Bastianich rocking out. Oh, you didn’t know that he plays guitar? No, yeah, totally. Oh, you didn’t know that he sings? …Okay, yeah, fair enough, we didn’t either, BUT, much to our delight, he’s the moderately talented frontman for his very own band called The Ramps. We spotted a photo via Twitter of The Ramps prepping for a gig at The Artie Lang Show last night, and, blessedly, there’s video evidence of this performance.

This, coupled with that video of Graham Elliot singing Journey leads us to believe that a MasterChef band might not be the most ill-conceived thing we’ve ever heard of. Check out The Ramps’ two songs below.

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