Joe Bastianich: New NYC Restaurant Is ‘Percolating’

During a press tour for his new memoir Restaurant Man, Joe Bastianich was reminded of a former promise he made in anger to quit this town forever.

In the heat of a labor dispute back in 2011 when Bastianich’s restaurants faced a class-action lawsuit, he told the New York Post angrily that Eataly would be the last restaurant he opened in the city: “We haven’t opened another restaurant in New York [since then], nor will we.”

But now, he admits, a new NYC restaurant is “percolating.”

To be fair, he made the promise “in a fit of rage” and didn’t even remember his vow when asked. (“Did I say that?” he asked his publicist. “Really?”) But apart from the admission that “time heals, and life goes on,” Bastianich offers few details about the new restaurant.

Given the enormous amount of media activity Bastianich is undertaking at the moment–the premieres of Master Chef in both the US and Italy, a memoir being compared to Kitchen Confidential, and fighting off all those class-action lawsuits–the restaurant, if it ever comes to fruition, should be named some sort of Italian swear. It would be fitting, especially since the article, which covers his background and the numerous feuds he’s gone into with food critics John Mariani and Steve Cuozzo, quotes him saying the word “fuck” eleven times, and saying other colorful things in a greater quantity.

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