RANT: Eddie Huang Can’t Kill A Rabbit For Food On YouTube, But Joe Rogan Can Gut A Deer?

Remember how Eddie Huang christened his VICE series Fresh Off The Boat by slaughtering fluffy white wabbits for dinner with hipsters in Oakland, CA? And then how YouTube pulled that episode because it violated the site’s policies on demonstrating “cruelty to animals”, even though Huang was clearly slaughtering a rabbit for food to eat on a food/travel show?

Well, how come Joe Rogan can gut a deer on YouTube for food to eat in this trailer for his two-part Sportsman Channel special MeatEater without his clip getting pulled? Is it because Eddie is (humanely and ethically, by the way) killing a living, breathing rabbit while Joe is harvesting the organs of an already dead thing? Because that seems arbitrary. Is it because the sight of Eddie killing a rabbit is graphic and violent, while the view of freshly harvested organs and sickening clink of a meat cleaver cracking a ribcage in half is like watching puppies ride unicorns across a double rainbow in the sky? Is it because wabbits are pwecious and deer are beasts?

Can someone please fill us in on YouTube’s totally inane censorship policies?

Oh and you can watch that deer gutting video below, but you probably shouldn’t if you’re in the process of eating.

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