WATCH: Joey Fatone Teams Up with Butterball Hotline’s First Male Employees for Turkey Trivia

We’re exclusively staffed by equality-minded ladies, so of course, we beamed when, this year, factory farm horror show Butterball announced that it would be staffing its holiday Turkey Talk-Line, which troubleshoots your Thanksgiving Day disasters over the phone, with men for the first time. Imagine! Men! Talking about cooking temps and carving techniques and resting times for the home cook. We’ve never.

Joey Fatone (who, by the way, has a cooking show now) joined these brave souls for a game of turkey trivia with Lara Spencer on Good Morning America today, and it’s actually a pretty useful refresher for all those roasting rules you forget to look up till the week of. In conclusion, Butterball is a terrible company with inhumanely raised birds and please don’t buy their turkeys, but you should definitely watch an ex-*NSync member play trivia with some aproned dudes.

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