John Besh Kept His Kitchens Open During Hurricane Isaac To Feed Emergency Workers

While everyone in New Orleans was busy staying indoors when Hurricane Isaac made landfall yesterday (and not-so-secretly praying that this wasn’t going to be Katrina 2.0), John Besh and his teams at Borgne, Domenica and Luke decided that the rational thing to do was to keep their restaurants open.

Part of only a handful of restaurants in the city to remain operational during the storm, Besh’s restaurants were closed to the general public, but all kept their kitchens open and cooked thousands of meals over the past two days for emergency response workers and police officers patrolling the city (and probably getting relentlessly soaked with rain.)

And they did a lot of cooking, for a city without power: at one point they served over 1200 meals to the New Orleans Police Department for lunch. “So proud of our teams at the restaurants working hard to feed thousands of police and EMS,” Besh tweeted. The restaurants reopens tonight for everyone else.

Though we’re thankful he didn’t have to resort to using it, we’re positive that Besh kept a speedboat somewhere nearby in case the city flooded again and he needed to feed people with rice and beans.

Updated to include other Besh restaurants that remained open.


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