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WATCH: John Besh Delivers A Rousing Mardi Gras Speech On Raising His Kids In NOLA’s Food And Culture

Forget Emeril’s endless New Orleans Superbowl dip demos; real NOLA native John Besh helped The Chew ring in Mardi Gras with an authentic jambalaya and a heartwarming speech about the importance of instilling a sense of food culture in your kids. Said John during his demo:

“I want my boys to really know who they are through the foods that they eat. So it really comes down to red beans and rice on Mondays, and making sure that you fit the jambalaya in there, and that you fit in the gumbos, and the étouffées. Because one day they’ll leave, and they’ll always have that. And they’ll understand who they are and where they come from, from this great culture.”

How many variations of the same stew is too much stew for one week? Needless to say, The Sons Besh will be hands-down the best rice cookers in their future college dorms.

Check out both parts of Besh’s appearance below.

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