John Besh to Shill for Orthodonists, Create ‘Orthodontist-Approved’ Recipes


In fairness to John Besh, we get it. Remember the days of braces? Remember how every little piece of food, no matter how small, how chewy, how insignificant, would get stuck in your brightly colored metal mouth? And you would have no idea until your crush pointed out that your mouth looked like the inside of a garbage disposal? (No, just us?) Well, we guess that’s why we could have used some “orthodontist-approved” recipes ourselves.

“With four boys of my own, I totally understand the need for healthy, delicious meals that can be enjoyed by the entire family,” said Besh in the press release from the American Association of Orthodontists. “The recipes we selected will be a hit with everyone at the dinner table, and we made sure they are safe for folks in orthodontic treatment.”

But really, Besh’s sell-out with the AAO for the month of October (not just the month of Halloween and spooky things but also National Orthodontic Health Month as well, which is just as sexy as Halloween) is on the same level as a sell-out for cat food. No wait, because people still eat his food, not animals. And hey, for those still plagued by metal mouth, there’s a cauliflower mac n’ cheese recipe, yogurt fruit pops, and “Drew’s Cake” (which looks more like a blueberry pie) for ya.

[AAO h/t Eater]

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