WATCH: John And CJ In A Battle Foie Gras — With Yard Sale Pots And Pans — On Last Chance Kitchen

On this week’s Last Chance Kitchen, Tom Colicchio granted freshly booted off John and reigning LCK champ CJ the power to cook anything they wanted. Of course, both chose foie gras as a supporting actor to lobster and scallops, respectively, because “cook anything you want” is an unheard of Top Chef luxury. And then came the twist.

Remember how John complained during his elimination that the reason his risotto was unevenly cooked was because he couldn’t find a single even pan in the kitchen? Tom sees your uneven restaurant pan, John, and raises you half a dozen crappy yard sale ones.

Yes, the only equipment John and CJ could use in their Last Chance Clusterfuck was a pile of worn and torn cookware that Tom claimed he snagged for about $3.50. Woof.

Check out last night’s Last Chance Kitchen in its entirety below to see if John managed to unseat CJ from his throne of redemption majesty.

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