Okay So Jon Favreau’s Filming in NOLA; Where Does This Chef Movie Take Place, Anyway?

We thought that Jon Favreau was going to set his new movie, Chef, in Los Angeles for the longest time. Like, that would make The Most Sense, right? Vibrant food scene, cameos from Roy Choi all over the place, the fact that it’s so easy to film a movie about food trucks in Los Angeles, etc.

Then he went to Miami and we went, aight, that makes sense, this redemption journey said chef seems to be on involves a lot of Cuban sandwiches.

And now he just tweeted that he’s filming in New Orleans, because…um…the Rebirth Brass Band is there? (To be fair, they’re pretty cool cats.)

We’ve theorized about the plot of Favreau’s Chef beyond the normal rise-and-fall-and-rise-again arc, and now we’re just super confused. So either one of these two things are happening in this movie:

1) Favreau’s character is on an old man’s version of a bildungsroman, whereupon he travels around the country looking for inspiration to help him claw back to the top of the game; or

2) Favreau’s movie is a film version of Top Chef. 

Those are the only two options that are viable, because we say so.


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