Jon Favreau: Chefs are ‘Like a Pirate Ship That Puts on a Musical’

The New York Times published a sprawling profile of Jon Favreau from an interview conducted over a steak lunch cooked by the Chef director. It features quotes from his costar John Leguizamo and a bunch of videos of Favreau doing his thing, but by far, our favorite quote was the filmmaker’s perspective on the life of a chef:

“You have these people who are essentially living on the deck of a pirate ship, but they’re nerding out over the ramps and the flavor profile of a shallot,” he said, slicing the steak and allowing me to inspect whether it was done to my taste. “It’s like a pirate ship that puts on a musical. I love how seemingly incongruous the two aspects of life are.”

We give it six months before the trope of “Hardcore Meets Nerdcore” accompanies every single major chef/restaurant profile. Two years before there’s a Broadway musical starring pirate chefs. You can read the rest of the Favreau piece here.

[New York Times]

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