WATCH: Jon Favreau Chops Fennel Like a Boss

Jon Favreau made an appearance on today’s episode of The Chew to promote his new film Chef, which hits theaters in a couple of weeks, and during his movie-inspired Cubano demo, he treated us to a first hand look at his newly-learned knife skills.

Along with shadowing Roy Choi to cop a signature chef swagger, Favreau took a week-long crash course in classic French culinary training, where he picked up enough prep skills to get by, with the help of some movie magic. But no sleight of hand was performed on The Chew, where he went at a bulb of fennel with all the showmanship and precision of a cook about three years too green for Top Chef.

He also name-dropped Kitchen Confidential as a source of inspiration for the film, and cited the sound work on Eat Drink Man Woman and Ratatouille as guides for his own work.

Check out a clip below.

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