Jon Favreau Trains With Roy Choi For Upcoming Chef Film

Image credit: Jon Favreau

Roy Choi’s got the coolest commis in his truck these days. Actor/director Jon Favreau, he of the Iron Man films, tweeted photos of himself cooking on the line with the food truck great-grandpappy for his upcoming film, Chef. 

As far as hands-on training is concerned, it can’t get much better for Favreau: the movie, featuring Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. (Favreau is in the lead), deals with the fall of a talented chef who attempts to redeem himself by driving a food truck. Choi himself tweeted this photo of the actor at work, though no word yet on whether the chef will actually appear in the movie. We’re hoping for a cameo in which Choi gets in a poetry slam fight with Robert Downey Jr.

Movie stars training with chefs in order to more realistically portray chefs is nothing new: Adam Sandler and the directors of Ratatouille trained with Thomas Keller, Bradley Cooper is rumored to be training with Gordon Ramsay for his competing chef movie, and Ferran Adrià will train the unknown actors appearing in the El Bulli biopic by making them resurrect El Bulli from the dead. (Poor el Bulli actors.)

In return, Favreau will express his gratitude to Roy Choi by gifting him a food truck that turns into a suit of mechanized power armor. We wish. But it would probably be this one.

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