Jon Favreau Continues His Militant Training For Chef Film, This Time With Wolfgang Puck

Yesterday, we brought to your attention the pop cultural slam dunk of Roi Choi teaming up with Jon Favreau, director and star of an upcoming comedy entitled Chef, to help him train for the role. We neglected to mention, however, that Wolfgang Puck and David Chang happened to be on hand, too.

Jon jumped into the kitchen at Wolfgang Puck in the Hotel Bel-Air on Tuesday night to assist on Roy Choi’s station in a one-night-only, seven-course, $190-per-person dinner the three chefs were throwing together at Puck’s resto. Choi put the chef-to-be to work on a Santa Barbara spot prawn dish with sea urchin and salmon roe. Color us impressed with both Favreau’s ability to handle plating and Roy’s trust in him.

Of course, once the chaos died down, Puck challenged the director to make a perfect omelette, as is his wont. We’re so pleased with how seriously Favreau is taking his acting studies! If only Top Chef contestants could master proper omelettes before auditioning…

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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