WATCH: Jon Stewart Catches Paul Ryan in a Subsidized Lunch Lie at CPAC 2014

We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we didn’t bring you at least one bizarre food story from CPAC. Last year, it was Sarah Palin invoking the Big Gulp to make a statement about Bloomberg or nanny states or something. This time around, Paul Ryan ganked a story about how a poor kid said he didn’t want government subsidized lunch, but rather his own lunch in a brown paper bag from home, so that he would know he was loved. Attention, deficient parents: sending your kids to school with brown paper bags will clear up any and all mommy/daddy issues!

Anyway, the story was from a book, not a real life anecdote told to him as a politician, and, as it turns out, both the kid in the story and the author of the book advocate for subsidized school lunches, but you know what? It’s a lot more fun to watch Jon Stewart poke holes in the story. Check out his coverage from The Daily Show below.

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