WATCH: Jon Stewart Presents The Presidential Food Puns Of 2012

We thought food-sex puns were our favorite puns of them all, but Jon Stewart may have just sold us on the presidential variation. On Monday, Barack Obama referred to Mitt Romney’s tax policy as a “reverse Robin Hood,” or, a “Romney Hood.” (Good effort, B-Rock, but, technically, that just makes him The Sheriff of Nottingham, which is a significantly more difficult name to pun upon, but maybe we could have gone for a wolf joke, referencing the classic 1973 Disney version? Whatever, we don’t know, we’re just brainstorming.)

So, of course, Mitt Romney responded with an oh-so-clever pun of his own, calling the democratic presidential candidate’s assessment of his policy, “Obamaloney!” We don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified. Because, in case you’ve lost us, we’re still in the real-life portion of this story. The political satire is yet to come.

Jon Stewart wasn’t feeling us on enriching the Robin Hood pun, but he did throw in some clever food puns, warning the candidates that, although he understands that the election is two months away and everybody’s over it, it’s a slippery slope to making a mockery out of the entire election as a whole. Sure, it starts with an innocent Romney Hood/Obamaloney back and forth. But soon we reach “Oboliveloaf,” “Barackwurst,” “Pastromney,” and then we forget about the real issues altogether. Like the fact that Mitt Romney’s a wife-killer. See clip below.

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