Jonathan Gold To Star In Documentary About Eating In Los Angeles

The Hollywood Reporter did the thing it says it does in its title and broke the news that renowned critic Jonathan Gold will star in a documentary about his lifestyle and the food scene of his native Los Angeles.

Directed by Laura Gabbert (No Impact Man, Sunset Story), the untitled documentary will follow Gold throughout Los Angeles, as he reveals and celebrates the cuisine that once made him stand out from his fine dining-obsessed contemporaries and paved the way for a wider acceptance of ethnic cuisine, mom-and-pop restaurants, and street food.

“I’ve known Jonathan for many years, since we were both much younger, and the paradox of his becoming so well-known and revered in the pursuit of such an idiosyncratic, personal, and obscure interest has fascinated me as it’s evolved,” said Jamie Wolf, the film’s investor. “He seems like the ideal guide to the extraordinary multi-facetedness of this indefinable city.”

Quipped Gold in a statement: “When [Laura] approached me about making a film using me as a prism through which to look at food as a prism looking at Los Angeles, it sounded like a good idea. And you wouldn’t believe how fetching I look in a burqa.”

This begs the question: has Gold actually worn a burqa to a review? That devotion would explain how he managed to win a Pulitzer Prize and still remain kind of, sort of, anonymous.

[The Hollywood Reporter via Grub Street]

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