Jose Andres Avoids Ticket From Police With Classic ‘I Was Drinking With John Besh’ Excuse

Kids: don’t drink and drive. You could die a horrible death, and all your loved ones would cry for you, and it would be quite sad…or you could go to jail and have a misdemeanor felony on your ticket, which would be equally sad. There is only one thing that will save you from such a fate: drinking with John Besh.

This is why Jose Andres is currently not in jail charged with a DUI, nor wrapped around a tree. After a USO event, then drinks with Besh and a few friends at the Arlington location of Jaleo, Andres was either ebullient or tipsy, because this happened:

Please don’t pester us with any “Chef Andres was probably way under the legal BAC limit” logic, or “Chef Andres was probably speeding because he’s constantly overwhelmed with a love of life and la pureza de la comida España” talk. John Besh prevented him from the consequences of drunk driving. End of discussion.


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