WATCH: Jose Andres To Open Barmini, A Cocktail Lab Next To Minibar

Image credit: Ken WynerAfter teasing it all of last week via Twitter, Jose Andres finally revealed his newest secret project: a cocktail lab, in the style of The Aviary and Booker and Dax, next to his Washington DC restaurant minibar. Called Barmini (because that impish Jose loves wordplay), it opens on February 15th and is reservations only.

The Washington Post got a sneak peek at both the menu (with over 100 cocktails, whoa) and the interior, and it’s as crazy as you’d expect a Jose Andres alcohol establishment to be: couches that look like cacti, a rotary vacuum distiller (what?), and a wall of hands. All of these can be witnessed below in a video, courtesy of Ezra Klein, who probably could use a cocktail the most.

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