WATCH: Jose Andres Fell In Love With Haiti, And Here’s The Trailer To Prove It

After the earthquake which devastated Haiti in 2010, Think Food Group and the Haitian Tourism Board teamed up to film a series of videos starring Jose Andres and his favorite subject: food.

Sporting a khaki vest and judicious amounts of facial stubble, Andres features prominently in this trailer for HaEATi, his series about the wide, wide world of Haitian cuisine, and narrated with the standard Andres aplomb. “I came to Haiti three years ago right after the earthquake,” he says to the camera, “and I [fell] in love with this country.” He’s filmed in markets, beaches, restaurants, and, apparently, national parks.

So what if it’s a promotional video for a tourism group? Jose Andres clearly loves Haiti, and anything that excites him — particularly a country in need of real tourism and not Wyclef Jean — is generally a Good Thing.

[h/t Carib Journal]

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